Dissegna Logistics

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Fueling the future

With 61,000 shipments per year, we set out on each daily journey with the knowledge that we can continue to improve, to become greener and guarantee increasingly efficient services for our clients.

Bio LNG: natural innovation

Bio LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a perfect example of the circular economy, a precious source of renewable energy made from biomass sources, mainly agricultural and domestic waste.

This bio-LNG is made by separating methane from carbon dioxide and then liquefied to produce an environmentally-friendly, decarbonising fuel, a solution that is now available for heavy goods vehicle (HGV).

From the viewpoint of long-term commitments, biomethane (another term for renewable natural gas) allows to invest in sustainability for those who, like us, care about the wellbeing of the planet.

Driving clean energy

The first fueling up took place in 2020, when our fleet became greener, with the investment in bio-LNG vehicles and the confirmation of sustainability as a priority that Dissegna Logistics is particularly attentive to in its everyday choices.