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Pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016, as well as based on the provisions of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data with the resolution of 08.05.2014 for the identification of simplified procedures for information and the acquisition of consent to use of cookies - published in the Official Journal n. 126 of 3.06.2014 - and in compliance with all subsequent clarifications, with this information the Data Controller provides its own Cookie Policy.

The Cookie Policy is intended to provide the user with all the information relating to the art. 13 of the GDPR, as well as to describe in a specific and analytical way the characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed on the website, with the possibility for the user to select / deselect individual cookies.

The use of cookies is processed using automated tools and the data retention period depends on the nature of the cookie used.

What cookies are.

Cookies are small code strings that the sites visited by the user send to their terminal (usually to the browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), where they are stored before being re-transmitted each time or later access by the same user.

Why are they useful?

Through the use of cookies, the website visited recognizes the user's device and this leads to an improvement in the browsing experience. Among the different purposes of the cookies there is the one of allowing the user to effectively navigate between the pages of the website, remember the favorite sites, memorize the language, etc .; cookies also help to ensure that the advertising content displayed online is more targeted, in relation to the specific interests of the user.

The classification of cookies.


Cookies are classified into different types:

1) in relation to duration, the cookie can be of session, which is automatically canceled when the browser is closed, or persistent, that is active until its expiry date or its cancellation by the user;

2) in relation to the origin, the cookie can be of first part, it means it is sent to the browser directly from the site you are visiting, or from a third party, it means it is sent to the browser from other sites and not from the site you are visiting.

3) In relation to the purposes, the cookie can be technical or profiling. This classification deserves a more detailed analysis.

The technical cookie.


It allows to improve the user's browsing experience. In fact, without the use of technical cookies some operations would be very complex or impossible to perform. These cookies - which could be first and third party cookies, session cookies - do not require the prior consent of the user for their installation. Technical cookies are "strictly necessary" when they allow you to navigate effectively on the website and take advantage of its essential features, such as, for example, allowing IT authentication to be performed or storing previous actions. By blocking the use of these cookies, the user's browsing experience may be compromised. Instead, technical cookies are "functional" when they allow you to improve the browsing experience by storing the preferences expressed by the user, such as language, name, place. By blocking these cookies the browsing experience will not be compromised, however the user will not be able to use these useful services. Technical cookies are "analytical" when they allow users to gather information on how to interact with the site, analyzing the number of pages visited, the time spent on the website, the most visited pages and any other events that occurred during navigation, as possible errors coming from the visited page. These cookies allow the website owner to obtain statistical data relating to navigation and improve the services offered to the user. Analytical cookies are technical in nature - not profiling - only when the site owner has adopted appropriate tools to reduce the identifying power of the analytical cookies used, by masking significant portions of the IP address. For the installation of technical cookies it is not necessary to collect the prior consent of the user, therefore - if the website uses only technical cookies - the data controller is not required to collect consent via the cookie banner. The extended information (what the user is reading right now) is instead mandatory.


The profiling cookie.

It is activated only after the user has given his consent. The release of the consent is done by clicking "OK" (or "continue", etc.) on the banner present on the homepage or on another page of the same site or through an active intervention by the user (for example, by selecting an element contained in the page below the banner itself). The profiling cookie serves to improve the services offered by the Owner as well as to select and send advertisements based on the preferences and tastes expressed by the user during navigation. The use of the profiling cookie to send targeted advertising does not imply the display of more advertisements or the browsing experience. In effect, with the deactivation of profiling cookies the user will see only generic advertising instead of advertisements in line with his interests. For example, profiling cookies are statistical ones - third-party analytics without IP masking and without data crossings, or advertising, advertising, tracking or conversion data.





Unless the prior consent of the user in the case of installation of profiling cookies, the majority of browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. By changing the settings on your browser, cookies can be limited or blocked. To manage cookies, it is necessary to refer to the instruction manual or to the information provided by your browser by following the following paths (relating to the most common browsers):






If the user uses multiple browsers, the procedure for deleting cookies must be performed for each one. If the user uses different devices (such as smartphones or tablets), to uninstall the cookies it will be necessary to refer to the instruction manual of your device. It should be noted that if you choose to block the receipt of cookies this could compromise or prevent the proper functioning of the website as some cookies are strictly necessary for navigation.






This website uses a system called "CookieBot" to allow the user - by using the special disappearing banner located at the bottom of the page - to examine (by clicking "Show details") the detailed list of all cookies used, divided into categories and by function. By means of this banner, the user can express his / her preferences, disabling the unwanted cookies.

The technical and profiling cookies used on this website are listed below: this list must be integrated with the information provided by the aforementioned "CookieBot" system.


First-party technical and profiling cookies.

This website uses first-party technical cookies "strictly necessary" and "functional" to improve the user's browsing experience, for example by:

speed acceleration service;

for storing previous actions;

to provide the multilingual service.

For the deactivation of these cookies see point II of this statement.

This website does not use first-party profiling cookies.


List of technical cookies used on this website:

denomination cookie: language


duration period: of session.

denomination cookie: .ASPXANONYMOUS


duration period:  almost 2 months

denomination cookie: dnn_IsMobile


duration period: of session.








Technical cookies and third-party profiling cookies.

This website uses third-party tools.

These cookies are not controlled directly by the data controller and consequently, for deactivating them and for more information, the user must follow the procedures indicated below:

1) by clicking the user can get more information about third-party cookies, as well as get more information on the concept of behavioral advertising, on promotional and targeting cookies eventually stored on their terminal. The user can proceed to disable all or some of these cookies by clicking the following link:


2) cookies will be listed below - or similar systems in terms of characteristics - of third parties used on this website. To manage and deactivate these cookies and other systems it is necessary to access the information and consent forms of these third parties, by clicking on the links indicated below.



Analytical Google cookies - "Google Analytics"

The website uses "Google Analytics" for the installation of technical analytical cookies that allow the website owner to obtain statistical data relating to navigation and therefore allow the services offered to the user to be improved. The Website owner has adopted appropriate tools to reduce the identifying power of the analytical cookies used, by masking significant portions of the IP address.

The data generated by Google Analytics are stored in the terms indicated in the information available at the following address:

The privacy statement of Google Inc. is instead available at the following address:

The user can deactivate Google Analytics by installing the opt-out add-on provided on his browser at the following address:

Blocking these cookies will not compromise the user's browsing experience: it should be pointed out that the statistical data collected anonymously through these technical cookies are used by the Data Controller to improve its services in favor of the user.


List of "Google Analytics" cookies used on this website:

denomination cookie: __utma


duration period: 2 years

denomination cookie: __utmb


duration period:   less than one minute

denomination cookie: __utmc


duration period: of session

denomination cookie: __utmt


duration period:   less than one minute

denomination cookie: __utmv


duration period: of session

denomination cookie: __utmz


duration period:  6 months


Facebook Pixels.

Facebook Pixel is a statistical data collection tool that the Data Controller uses to monitor how the user interacts with the site or to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. The Pixel allows you to record the user's behavior (for example, how many times a particular page is visited or the number of accesses) and, in this way, the Data Controller will be able to "reach it" to send advertising adverts in line with the interests (through the Pixel, the Owner makes sure to show his ads to the right people, he can create groups of public to whom allocating the advertisements, he can take advantage of Facebok's advertising tools). The user data that is recorded via the Pixel is the reference URL, the browser information and the Facebook user ID. Personalized data may also be transmitted, but no confidential information attributable to the natural person.

The third party (ie Facebook) uses cookies, web beacons and other storage technologists to collect or retrieve information from this website or the Internet, and uses this information to provide measurement services and to define the recipients of the insertions.

If the user wants to prevent the storage of his data, before visiting this website he will have to log in to his Facebook account to proceed with the disconnection from it. In the event that the user had already logged into this site without the previous disconnection procedure, the links to the Privacy Information of the third party for the management of his data are shown below: 

as well as 

Facebook Pixels fall into the categories of profiling systems, since they allow the storage of the tastes and interests of the user, who can receive targeted advertising. Disabling these systems will not compromise the user's browsing experience, but the latter will no longer be able to receive advertising in line with his interests.

The FB Pixel allows the user to receive targeted advertising on their Facebook profile but also on Instagram.


List of "Facebook" cookies used on this website:

denomination cookie: fr


duration period:  almost 3 months

denomination cookie: cookie image


duration period:  of session.



Social Network Icon

On the website’s pages there are some social network buttons (for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). These are the c.d. social network icon that indicate the presence of the owner of this website on a specific social platform. These buttons do not release profiling cookies. In any case, the user is advised to find out how these social networks manage their data, accessing all the information on the privacy of the different flat forms.

Final Information

For more information, also concerning the disabling of third-party cookies sent to the user's browser while browsing this website, see

Over time, third parties could change the addresses of referral to their own information: in the event that the aforementioned links do not refer to the information of third parties already reported, contact the Data Controller at the addresses already indicated in the epigraph.

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